If you are a traditional bricks and mortar business I really believe you can find SMS marketing to be an extremely useful tool for bringing in new customers and for building up customer loyalty. Increasingly retailers are having to look for new methods to generate footfall due to the decreased spending power of consumers and many more competition from multi-nationals. A SMS marketing solution can help independent business people set themselves apart from the large chains and drive up profits, even in an economic downturn. Here’s how:

1. SMS text marketing is fantastic for retailers of all sizes and types wishing to run promotions, offer discounts and increase customer loyalty and retention.

A retailer, by advertising its SMS service, will build an opt in set of consumers interested in their products and services. This database of names and mobile numbers begins to cultivate whenever a consumer texts in a particular keyword to a mobile number supplied by the SMS company. The retailer then uses their SMS account to send a special promotion out to their opt in database. virtual mobile number ‘s a good idea to create exclusive offers to the list as the more a retailer makes their customers feel important they’re likely to increase loyalty and repeat business.

When customers get a text they then may bring the text in to the store and present it for redemption against the special offer. Viral marketing also is necessary here because customers who have the offer is of real value will naturally forward on the text to their friends.

2. A SMS marketing solution could also be used for delivering important information. This consists of simple many thanks messages and for time-sensitive information such as appointment changes. For example, an automobile dealer can notify customers when their vehicle is ready for grab and pharmacies could text customers when their prescription is ready.

The list of great things about SMS marketing is endless since when a retailer includes a steadily growing opt in list of interested customers they simply need to respect and nurture that list and make certain all SMS messages are welcomed. That is attained by offering genuinely great value to the database. Don’t overdo it, although contacting your list regularly is fine when you continue steadily to offer great value and important information.

Customers will be keen to buy from the retailer who treats them like their best friend. This process will set them aside from competitors including the large multi-national chains.

Roy McDonald may be the founder and owner of Txt Solution, an expert provider of the UK’s leading Online SMS service, providing simple, reliable, low priced text services to over 100,000 businesses, clubs and organisations.

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