The Evolution of Outdoor Logo Mats in Business Branding

Logo mats can be an invaluable marketing asset. Customers may see these as soon as they enter your establishment, providing an immediate representation of your brand ethos right from the beginning.

Logo entrance mats are pieces of flooring with your company’s branding or image printed or cut and inlaid into them, offering both functionality and branding at once. Perfect for high traffic entrances such as military bases, airports, hotels, manufacturing plants, shopping centers or car dealerships.
Brand Awareness

An inviting custom logo mat will make an excellent first impression when customers or clients enter your business, while also helping promote its brand and values simultaneously.

Customers who encounter your company name and logo printed on a custom mat outside will remember it, making them more likely to come back. It’s an effective form of outdoor advertising with significantly reduced costs compared to other marketing techniques.

Ultimate Mats’ WaterHog inlay logo mat can collect up to a pint of dirt, grime, and sand per square foot without leaking onto your business floors, keeping the building cleaner while cutting costs for maintenance services. Furthermore, these high quality logo mats will help safeguard employees and customers against accidents due to excess moisture that could cause slips and falls – showing your customer base you care about their wellbeing!
Increased Foot Traffic

An eye-catching company logo mat can serve as an effective way to grab customers and clients’ attention and make them feel welcome from the get-go. While traditional doormats typically feature one hue with no additional flair or graphics, a custom made logo mat can be designed with vibrant hues or graphics that match perfectly with the style and branding of any given business.

Logo mats not only serve as attractive forms of advertising but they are also effective at trapping grime and moisture before it enters buildings, helping prevent slip-and-fall accidents which is an essential element of health and safety compliance for many businesses.

Outdoor logo mats come in a variety of forms. Some are molded, which involves permanently stamping high quality images into rubber or vinyl backing material; others feature inlaid designs with logo images cut out into different carpet materials for an impressive and artistic result.
Long-Lasting Advertising

Logo mats offer long-term advertising without the recurring expense associated with paid campaigns. Their presence will remain prominent for as long as your doors remain open, drawing customer’s eyes even as they come and go.

Installing a custom-designed logo mat at your entrance can help familiarize customers with your brand, and as these mats are created specifically to your specifications they can feature your company name, logo and/or message in various sizes and shapes.

Custom logo mats at your entrance serve multiple practical functions, from helping keep floors free from dirt and standing water to saving you time spent sweeping and mopping, which can become time consuming and lead to unnecessary safety hazards and costly cleaning bills. Mats such as Ultimate Mat’s WaterHog inlay logo mat can collect up to 1 pint of moisture per square foot without leakage onto floors – an invaluable investment in keeping employees safe.
Easy to Clean

Custom logo mats are one of the easiest ways to promote your brand. Incredible Logo Mat do they showcase your business name, logo and slogan; but they can also keep dirt and water at bay inside of buildings or stores, saving both you and your employees valuable cleaning time.

Quality logo mats are constructed of long-wearing materials and can be easily cleaned using vacuuming, steam cleaning or hosing down. This form of branding doesn’t cost your business much and makes a tremendous impression on visitors and clients.

When creating the design for your logo mat, keep things simple – busy designs tend to lose people’s focus quickly and become less effective than simple yet eye-catching images and color combinations that catch the visitor’s eye. Instead, opt for simple but engaging images and colors – you could even give them away or award value statuses to special clients and customers as a special way of showing how much they mean to you and appreciate your organization!

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