Precisely how In order to Have A Direct Interaction With God Via Desire Translation

Several individuals imagine that the contemporary civilization is a outstanding civilization many thanks to our technological and scientific progress. However, the barbarous and absurd contemporary civilization is characterized by violence, immorality, poverty, wars, crimes, pollutions, and several other horrors.

Thankfully, this cruel civilization is coming to an end many thanks to an amazing scientific and spiritual discovery. This discovery is a massive shock for humanity. It proves that God exists and generates our desires.

The wise unconscious head that generates our desires is God’s thoughts. You can have a direct interaction with God by means of desire messages.
This is the beginning of a new historical time. The direct communication you can have with God via aspiration messages puts and conclude to the big distance existence amongst God and humanity.

If you never feel me, you can simply confirm this phenomenon into practice by publishing one of your goals for professional aspiration translation and psychotherapy. The real truth is that you have to stick to a collection of messages sent by the divine unconscious mind in your desires. Every desire is like the web page of a ebook.

After translating a collection of goals you will obviously comprehend your psychological problems and their reasons. You will comprehend the connection existent amongst your psychological difficulties and your every day issues. You will also discover answers, and turn into a lot more intelligent.

The data you have in goals is verified when you verify that the scientific desire translations help you comprehend God’s terms. You comprehend that only God could speak this way.

God speaks through images displaying you what you can’t see about oneself. You overlook the material of your wild conscience, the anti-conscience, which is your primitive conscience. The anti-conscience is nonetheless active in your brain. It performs in parallel with your very small human conscience, attempting to destroy your conscience and manage your actions.

All the difficulties existent among your conversation with God are effects of the existence of your absurd and evil anti-conscience. God seems to be at you as if you have been a terrible sinner only simply because you have inherited a violent and immoral wild conscience.

Your anti-conscience is idiotic and self-destructive. It bothers your evolution. It is your wild and animal self.

You have to discover the dream language so that you may comprehend the symbolic messages of the divine unconscious head in your dreams. This way you will find out how to eliminate your anti-conscience via consciousness.

Your anti-conscience should not realize the unconscious messages, in any other case it would distort them. These messages are secret messages despatched only to your human conscience in purchase to safeguard you from your anti-conscience’s attacks. You can review the dream language and recognize God’s words in goals, whilst your idiotic anti-conscience will recognize them only soon after you.

Your anti-conscience is working in parallel with your human conscience, but it can study the articles of your conscience and invade your conscience at any time. The unconscious head should send you magic formula messages simply because if your anti-conscience could recognize them ahead of you, it would hassle you and prevent you from comprehending the unconscious messages.

The anti-conscience commences invading your conscience anytime it has the likelihood to ship you absurd or damaging views, usually when you are revolted and sad. It speaks with your voice and it pretends to belong to your conscience, but it gives you absurd suggestions.

God sends mysterious messages only to your conscience in order to present you what your anti-conscience is performing towards your moi. Even so, God is afraid of you because your human conscience is influenced by your satanic conscience. On the other hand, God is also frightened of your anti-conscience, which is a unsafe demon. God desires to help you, but He doesn’t trust you due to the fact you are evil.

This is an additional reason why you cannot have a immediate communication with God with out knowing the aspiration language. You have to have the right frame of mind when you will be capable to understand God’s words. You have to regard these terms. You can not have an arrogant actions. You have to be humble and recognize your imperfections.

You have to stick to the dream logic in order to comprehend the unconscious messages. You cannot understand the meaning of a aspiration by adhering to the idiotic logic of your ignorant and one particular-sided human conscience.

On the other hand, you have to discover the meaning of the most essential dream symbols and how to find out the meaning of the components of the dream you that are not desire symbols. God tends to make you seem for the that means of a aspiration the same way a person looks for a hidden treasure with a street map. When you uncover the indicating of the aspiration, you pay attention to the treasure you have finally located.

Aspiration translation looks to be complicated in the commencing, precisely because the unconscious thoughts follows one more logic. When you discover the unconscious logic, every thing gets easy. The scientific approach of dream interpretation identified by Carl Jung and simplified by me offers you the key of understanding. This is the only strategy that teaches you the dream logic.

All the other methods of dream interpretation are fake since they do not adhere to the dream logic. I’m positive that only the scientific strategy properly interprets God’s words in dreams precisely since I know how complex the translation of the which means of each dream actually is.

The fact that I could simplify Carl Jung’s challenging strategy of desire interpretation is God’s gift to the world. I was merely obeying the assistance I had in desires and symptoms of my actuality. Nothing at all of what I am training you is based mostly on my personal conclusions. Each and every phrase I write is usually primarily based on the unconscious knowledge.

I know how difficult aspiration translation is and how difficult it was for me to simplify this strategy for the duration of two decades, even though curing a lot of people from numerous psychological sicknesses and even bodily problems by means of desire therapy. dying in dreams is why I can ensure that no person else knows how to accurately and very easily translate the genuine indicating of desires. My college students are the only kinds who actually know the that means of desires and the desire logic. Carl Jung’s technique of dream interpretation was incomplete.

Jung could find out the true indicating of the aspiration language and he could comprehend the unconscious psychotherapy in dreams. Even so, he couldn’t understand the unconscious sanctity.

He believed that the unconscious head was God, but he thought that God was also evil, and not only as saintly as defined by all religions of the entire world. This was a contradiction, but Carl Jung was a scientist, and he did not want to speculate this subject.

He considered that the theologians should give the solutions about God’s actions, which he, as a scientist was not able to give.

Jung didn’t try out to response all inquiries. He stopped his research at certain stage since he was frightened to uncover craziness. He understood that craziness is inherited, but he dismissed a good deal. He made the decision to cease his speculations.

He was guided in his dreams by the smart unconscious head. Jung revered the unconscious wisdom. He stopped his analysis, accepting ignorance for a specified point and on. He believed that we could not find out more although we were alive.

I experienced to complete Jung’s analysis and emphasize the significance of God’s existence, in addition to proving God’s sanctity. I also had to find out that all the evilness identified in the human brain and psyche belong to our anti-conscience, and not to the unconscious mind like Carl Jung believed due to the fact he stopped his study and he disregarded the existence of the anti-conscience. I experienced to comprehensive this element in the stop of his study.

The direct conversation you can have with God thanks to the precise translation of the dream messages now that I simplified Carl Jung’s approach of desire interpretation is a privilege your ancestors could not have. The precise translations based mostly on the scientific technique open a new horizon for humanity. This is the starting of a new historical time dependent on knowledge.

Christina Sponias ongoing Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, exploring the treatment for all psychological illnesses, and simplifying the scientific technique of aspiration interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the that means of your desires, so that you can find wellness, wisdom and joy.

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