What is a safety net?

Safety net is a mesh product installed in the shape of a safety frame to protect the safety of spaces and elevated positions where there is a high risk of accidents. Safety nets are designed with safety cables stretched with a distance of 5cm to help protect open spaces such as windows, balconies, corridors, skylights, ventilation doors, partitions, stairs.

Lưới an toàn are mesh cables attached to aluminum frames that fix the cables into spaces forming a smart, effective, smart, solid, and unique safety barrier. Safety nets replace the duties and functions of safety products made of iron, steel, stainless steel, wood, and glass, which are very aggressive and take up a lot of space.

Safety net components consist of two main components: wire mesh and aluminum frame; In addition, to complete a set of safety nets, screws, cross clamps or other components such as aluminum panels are required. The components that make up the complete set of safety nets are all quality, genuine, warranted and manufactured high quality components that ensure the best possible safety protection for the spaces in use.

Why use a safety net?

Installation and use of safety nets bring customers a lot of uses and safety protection capabilities. Safety nets help keep open indoor spaces safe, safety nets help keep people, animals and objects safe from any risk of accidental falls, falls, to slide.Preeminent features of safety nets in daily life and work:

– Safety nets help to safely protect spaces from dangerous elements and the risk of incidents in open spaces and high-rise spaces.

– Installing a safety net for the apartment does not affect the aesthetics, vision and structure of your house because it is designed very simply, does not take up space, does not cost anything. The advantage of the apartment safety net is that it is aesthetically pleasing, airy for the house, does not make the space secret.

– The safety net for the apartment is made of 304 stainless steel, covered with plastic, so there is no rust like other products made of iron and color.

The white of the luxury product has a tough stainless steel core, which is sturdy and has good heat resistance. The aluminum safety net frame is strong and durable with powder-coated aluminum material that can withstand heat and high strength without rust, oxidation, and peeling despite the effects of the weather.

– Genuine plastic coated stainless steel safety net is made of good material with high durability and rust resistance with the sheath of the mesh thread being PE plastic, or HDPE plastic according to special technology, therefore, durability extremely high, resistant to sun and rain for a long time, with a stainless steel core that is definitely twisted blocks to form a durable, solid, sturdy and safe safety net cable product.

Locations and spaces for installing safety nets

Lưới an toàn ban công are used in window spaces, ventilation doors, balcony safety nets, stair safety nets, terrace safety nets, skylight safety nets, and safety nets. in the partition space…

Install safety nets for different spaces and locations, safety nets can be installed in small and large spaces or unique designs thanks to very separate safety net accessories. Easy to assemble and fixed to the wall firmly.

Quotation for installation of safety net

Viet Anh Company specializes in installing genuine, quality, professional and cheap safety nets. Viet Anh Company consults and provides safety nets for schools, hospitals, kindergartens, apartments, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, high-rise buildings, museums. , Building…

To receive a detailed and specific quote for the installation price of the safety net, please contact us directly for the most accurate advice and quote. Viet Anh company is committed to installing genuine safety nets with the cheapest price on the market, committed to durable and reliable safety net quality, warranty up to 12 months of use.

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Use safety nets effectively

Safety nets for spaces are a smart, effective and economical safety protection trend for all customers today. Safety nets replace traditional window frames, balcony frames, and stair frames and often take up a lot of usable space. Installing and using safety nets to help protect spaces from accidents and the risk of incidents at locations and spaces such as high-rise windows, balconies, stairs, corridors, skylights , louver…

Choosing quality safety nets gives customers’ lives the most perfect and surest protection. Genuine safety nets have a high load capacity of up to 1500N to help support the weight of people, animals and objects inside without falling or breaking. Balcony safety net is designed with optimal protection, strong and safe mesh cables help form the best safety barrier to help people naturally and comfortably live in the air. his time. With the advantages that safety net products bring to life, it will definitely make your life smarter, better quality, safer and more comfortable.

Uses of safety nets:

– Safety net helps protect window spaces, forming a safety barrier for balconies, skylight safety frames, stair safety frames, corridors…

– Safety net helps to protect the interior space from the entry of insects, animals and thieves effectively

– Safety net does not constrain the use space

– The safety net does not take up space thanks to the small mesh design, the use area is small

– Safety net helps create unique accents for installation locations thanks to transparent mesh fibers and solid aluminum profiles, painted with elegant and polite colors

– Safety nets create an efficient and smart use of space, turning spaces into multi-use spaces such as the ability to turn a balcony into a warehouse.

The modern and smart safety net design helps the used spaces not only be safely protected with extremely long life, but the safety net also has the ability to help provide a scientific, light, and easy-to-install barrier. Super quick and easy booking. The process of repairing and replacing the safety net is also fast and efficient, without disrupting the use process of customers. The safety net components are installed separately making it easy to replace and repair each damaged part; Safety net is the most modern, smart and effective safety protection frame product in today’s time.

What kind of safety net is good?

The best safety net model today is a high-quality plastic coated stainless steel safety net. The safety net has a modern and smart design that is very suitable for luxurious and modern spaces such as apartments, both capable of protecting and helping to decorate and create accents for your apartment. The safety net structure consists of sturdy aluminum frame components that fix the mesh fiber to the window or balcony wall, combined with the genuine stainless steel safety net to bring a safety net product that is both sturdy and aesthetic. The aluminum bars are cast with aluminum alloy, with high strength, rigidity and bearing capacity, which can withstand high amounts of heat when installed outdoors. The aluminum frame is painted with a durable powder coating that is dustproof and highly resistant to extreme weather, not rust, not rust, not oxidized.

Choosing the best safety net should choose genuine transparent PE coated stainless steel mesh of famous and prestigious brands such as Hoa Phat, Viet Nhat, Viet Anh. Genuine safety nets are warranted for up to 12 months of use and are always regularly maintained to help safety net cables of the highest quality, durability and strength, without interrupting the net protection process. safe for human life. High quality safety net, the safety net is fixed and firmly attached to the frames and ceilings, walls to help the net have high bearing capacity and be able to firmly hold the pressure of objects, animals and objects. People.

Where to buy the best safety nets

There are many accidents that have happened and are likely to happen in the future in places where windows, balconies, corridors, and stairs do not have safety nets or safety frames, to limit and prevent these accidents. If this accident is not worth it, many apartment buildings and many public works have required the installation of safety nets before allowing people to use and live in order to ensure safety.

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