How to Make Homemade Meals For Dogs

Are dogs a human’s best friends? Wrong. They’re not just friends, they’re family. You love them, care for them, look out for them. And one of the foremost ways you do that is by ensuring what goes into their tummy is the absolute best in health.

At Pawfectly Made, our mantra is all about that organic, nutritious, fresh doggie love! Meals comprise all-natural and high quality food that is as good as homemade comfort. And so we can guide you on what goes into pet meals you can whip up at home.

The best way to go is fresh, an essential. Kibble-quality packaged meals and preservative-laden meals pale in comparison to fresh pet food, which ensures real nutrition for your four-legged friend. There’s a reason ‘dry food’ is called ‘dead food’ – because the cheap fillers and additives it has does more harm than good for pets. Synthetic flavours and feed-grade food, nu-uh! These are not something that should be going in your dog’s tummy.

Choosing homemade-quality food thus is woof-erful! It ensures taste and health, all rolled into one.

At Pawfectly, we use the 80:20 rule for protein-rich meals we prepare for pets. They are heavy on the juicy, human-grade meats they need. Consider this a requisite for daily function, bone strength and overall pawfect health. The smaller percentages are comprised of crunchy veggies, fruits and grains that make up wholesome diet.

Mix and match these ingredients for a rounded, complete homemade diet for your pet: well-cooked meats (chicken, fish, lamb) without bones (here’s why); quality cooked rice; veggies like carrots, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli softened; boiled eggs (only 10% of daily calories) and some clean n’ crunchy eggshells.

Steer strictly clear of chocolates, caffeine, alcohols, garlic, sugars and these other ingredients that are toxic for dogs to consume.

The idea is to return to natural goods over packaged commercial items, since your furry kid is a child of nature. The nutrition they would find in the wild in its rawest form is what’s best for them, albeit with proper safety and sanitisation.

For instance, when choosing meats, there are benefits to picking clean, certified, human-grade meats over feed-grade quality and discarded meat parts (waste, skin, hide) that a lot of store-bought foods will substitute for real food. And we all want only the best for our pets, don’t we?

Stick to the same mantra when preparing fun treats or cooling snacks for your pet – because going natural doesn’t mean having to give up on taste!

Remember, it’s not just what you give your dog that matters but also how you give it. What’s also imperative besides cooking the food is the quantity to serve. At Pawfectly Made, our fresh customisable pet meals are also pre-portioned, carefully sized basis each individual pet’s nutritional needs. Neither serving too much or too little fat content, for example, is preferable. Striking a balance in the diet is important.

Our homemade-quality droolworthy food, vet-certified, chock-full of natural goodies, preservative-free, is like a warm, healthy hug that your pet deserves. Switch to Pawfectly Made to get your pet started on their forever happy, healthy journey. Check out our exciting menu and try now!

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