Difference Between Offline And Online Satta King

The world is slowly progressing and getting modernized. In today’s world, you can do any task you require easily by searching it through the world wide web. You can do all the activities with the help of the internet. Gambling is one such activity. The internet has revolutionized the history of gambling within the past few years. People have started registering themselves on online gambling websites and have started to bet with just a few clicks. One such website is Satta King. It is an online lottery game that used to be played offline on paper.

Offline Versus Online

When the game was offline, to participate, people used to invest their money on any of the numbers of their choosing from 00 to 99. Then a number used to be drawn out from a pot or “Matka”, and if the number which came out of the pot matched the number on which you had invested, then you would become the winner of the lottery. Then you were termed as the “Satta King”.

Earlier, when there was no internet, gambling used to happen physically. Every area had a person called Khaiwal that acted as a mediator between the players and game operators. His duty was to collect the money and the numbers on which the person had invested and give them to the game operators. After the result declaration, it was also his job to take and deliver the money to the winning bettor. A person could wager their money on a number and win about 90 times their initial wager.

When everything became online, the paper system was abandoned and overtaken by websites. The role of the Khaiwal was demolished as no middleman is required for online gambling. In online gambling, you select eight numbers and form them in such a way that it becomes two triplets and one pair. You need to choose any three numbers between one to nine. For example, let the numbers be 2, 3, and 4. This becomes your initial triplet. Now, these three numbers are added to choose the number out of the pair. Here the sum is 9.

We always choose the unit digit of the added-up number which is 9 in our case. With this, our initial half becomes 2,3,4*9. The same procedure gets repeated. For example, your numbers are 5, 6, and 7. The same step is repeated, and the sum comes out to be 18. Again, we choose the unit digit of the added-up number. So now our second set becomes 5,6,7*8. Now we combine these two sets to get our entire set of eight numbers which becomes 2,3,4*9✕5,6,7*8. This formed number decides your pair or triplet and if the number that is drawn matches with your chosen number, then you are the winner and earn the lottery jackpot.


Many people prefer to play the game online as you can be safe in online mode. satta king live result is an illegal game and being online would be safer for you because you will not be tracked down by the police and it is difficult for you to get traced online.

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