Acquiring Infected With Covid-19 Changed My Life Forever

I am confident many have been asking: Why Covid? Why so globally? Why now? And I have addressed some of these queries in preceding articles. But at that time I wasn’t speaking from knowledge, I was merely sharing my theories about it with out having verified them in practical terms. Properly, now I have verified at least a single of those theories, and I am eager to share it.

We have all heard about connectedness and oneness, and how Covid is (hopefully) bringing us a step closer to these experiences, seeing how we are all in this with each other. But then once again, are we really all in this together? Personally, I am not so sure about that seeking at the controversies in government policies (especially in nations exactly where elections are taking spot throughout the pandemic), the push-backs from the public against restrictions (not a lot of us are willingness to sacrifice our “valuable” routines for the higher very good), and far more not too long ago – the distribution of vaccines (those who spend far more get much more).

So what are we missing? When and how are pcr test going to discover the lesson? And what is that lesson?

In fact, Covid provides us an clear clue each about the What we will need to learn and the How. What Covid patients expertise and in some instances die from is lack of air. And air is the extremely issue that connects us all. To use 1 of Jessica Dibb’s observations, we can produce an in-group and an out-group (i.e. manifest separation) based on race, profession, gender, age, social traits, appears, and so on. But there is a single popular denominator which, when applied, leads us automatically to oneness – the breath. As a result, no matter what beliefs, traumas and preferences we have, we all belong to the group of breathers. And the breath (which, as I have come to experience, is the embodiment of Spirit), is what connects us all and offers us the physical, somatic knowledge of oneness. BUT only if we pay interest to it!

Surprise, surprise – Covid is bringing our consideration and awareness exactly to the breath. As such, Covid is asking us to start out living a a lot more spiritually oriented life: a life exactly where we are indeed additional connected, a life lived in the NOW. Importantly, by bringing our focus to the breathing, Covid is not only displaying us the lesson we will need to learn, i.e. the lesson of oneness it is also displaying us how we can learn stated lesion, and that’s basically by staying focused on the breath and practicing conscious breathing.

Devoid of a doubt, conscious breathing is what can give us a direct spiritual knowledge (albeit in physical bodies). I personally learnt that through getting forced (just after getting infected with Covid) to spend focus to the breath. Not that I hadn’t dabbled in different yoga and meditation practices ahead of. But this time the shift in awareness was so profound! Armed with a somewhat survival-driven motivation at the beginning of the disease, I dove deep into various breathing techniques, and the much more intimately I got to know conscious breathing, the additional my practical experience of separation was dissolving. I was feeling so significantly lighter, happier and, of course, more connected. I was getting the lesson! A lot more importantly, I was healing a illness not brought on by Covid but merely highlighted by it.

Sadly, I feel the whole planet is sick with that similar disease – the illness of Separation. Therefore, we have a global pandemic. This pandemic has managed to highlight in a brilliant way the pervasiveness of the pathology we all suffer from, the breathlessness and lack of connectedness throughout the globe. Covid is just the red light right here signaling we need to have to fix the engine. And it really is not going away in a hurry, at least not till we all develop into conscious of the real challenge and begin taking the right action towards resolving it. The true trouble, indeed, is a profound spiritual disconnect. We, as a planet, have reached the hallmark of Separation. Hence, Covid is screaming at us: “Use the breath, men and women, and connect!”

On the face of it, I wholeheartedly encourage you to seek out some conscious breathing practices and start off incorporating them in your life (if you haven’t already). Talking about oneness doesn’t support you feel it. Conscious breathing, on the other hand, requires us straight to the physical experience of oneness, to the embodiment of spirituality. Attempt it for oneself and I am confident you will never appear back. It only requires a couple of conscious breaths to adjust your point of view, and a distinctive point of view opens doors to new, thrilling and limitless possibilities.

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